Tortillas Galore!

Tortilla Machine

Any photographer will tell you one of the best aspects of our job is the unpredictability of what we may be shooting next week.  There may be a long string of homes and then in a  sudden flash, you are shooting a yacht from a helicopter or as in this case a huge factory churning out millions of tortillas!

This particular client the owner of Easy Foods goes back to 2009 when I photographed his restaurant Andu, putting him on the cover of Hospitality Design Magazine.  Needless to say, a tortilla factory is a much different beast than a high-end restaurant.  Even though this was my second assignment with Easy Foods first being Doral I totally forgot how loud and hot the factory can be.  This adds an additional strain on the crew for coordination but we used two-way radios with earpieces to keep things moving.  I am big into lighting for a reason even in a ho-hum factory it can when used in the correct manner elevate the shots to something quite beautiful.  Simple machines become works of art in the same vane of Metropolis the 1930s silent movie about factory workers and their machines.  

Lawrence Equipment on Easy Foods Factory Floor
Huge Mixing Machines in the Easy Foods Factory
Easy Food factory Kissimme