Stone House 2016

You’ll see plenty of photos of this iconic stone house, which gained fame from the Civil War Battles of Manassas / Bull Run, but none with this level of production.

Having grown up for many years nearby in Manassas Va, The Stone House was something I saw often.  So it was a real pleasure to have the opportunity while on commercial assignment here to photograph this very historical home from the Civil War, which also a part of my childhood.  Although technically not open prior to dawn, with only one morning to shoot I arose around 3am to head out and tackle the lighting this shoot.  I brought with me my trusty dps and a 1000 watt Honda generator.  The home is pretty compact so I made easy lighting work of it, it was the composition that was the more challenging aspect of the shot.  I hope to go back and photograph more of these structures to add to my portfolio.

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