When I was approached by the owner of Atteza Jewelry to photograph their campaign I jumped at the opportunity!  Although outside my strick field of expertise architecture, which requires teutonic precession and workflow, this assignment would allow me to develop and re-discover my original and more natural approach to the image capturing.  Also working with Altezza a company founded by Fania Castro would be close to my heart as the pieces are derived from pre-Colombian symbols and myth.  My wife is Colombian and my two kids, well are half Colombian!

Shooting fashion with the caveat of jewelry was as I found not all that difficult with a great creative and makeup team around.  Also, my extensive background in architecture which requires a seemingly endless flow of minute knowledge bases helped me navigate the workflow.

When I started my career in architecture my motto was “no people never ever!”  I was a classically darkroom trained photographer both in the technical sense and philosophical sense. Yet over the years, I have relaxed that fixed viewpoint and learned to enjoy the feedback that working with a model can give you,  not to mention the additional creative possibilities.  This was really the case here, as there were several shoots exclusively with models.  Truth is I wonder why I was so sure I did not want to work with people, I mean it was should I use the word Fun?!

Working on this entire campaign with the creative team at Altezza, ended up being so successful we are in the planning stages of some video production which will allow a deeper dive into the story behind each piece!


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