Travel Stories Empty Planes

I learned something years ago while on my way to Portugal to catch a ship while on a connecting flight in Germany.  Always find your gate and sit there, don’t go roaming around…cuz things change and we being humans lose track of time!  So I put that bit of travel savvy information to use while in Atlanta en route to Rochester.  We were scheduled for a shoot in a small town the next day.  This was not an ordinary architectural shoot there were $15k worth of models showing up for a tight shoot schedule so we HAD to be there ON TIME!
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Earlier this year I was enlisted by Telemundo the worldwide Spanish language network to capture images of their new N. American HQ in Doral Florida.  We captured a set of stunning images which you can see below.  After I delivered those images my contact at Telemundo came back and asked if I could add in a Telemundo T logo in the front entrance.  Apparently, the real T was added after our shoot.  read more