Mike Butler – Architectural Photographer

Mike Butler Architectural photography

Mike Butler

What is the single most important thing for your business today?  We believe it is to have an impactful visual identity, as we live in a visual society, dominated and in some ways defined by images.  If you are creating that visual identity look for the very best image creators in your industry.  Mike has been creating images since 1991, when he lived in Bangkok Thailand, then using hand-rolled and processed B&W bulk film.  Today nearly 27 years later, he continues that boutique style involvement, each image is carefully crafted from inception to production then finally polished through hands-on digital retouch.  Mike, along with a hand-picked creative team curates image concepts to meet his client’s marketing requirements, be them strict architectural imagery, drone, video or social media.  We believe these images are investments for our clients and as such there should be a positive rate of return.  We strive at every moment to ensure that is the case.  Contact us and let’s work together, crafting a set of images which will set your business apart.

Mike always has seen the world a bit differently than most.  He sees the world for what it is, and sees people for whom they are, without the faux gloss that is often times painstakingly applied to cover the obvious flaws and cracks.  It is with this vision of the world that he brought together a group of very talented creative minds to tackle a problem often glossed over and forgotten. After a trip to the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia, Mike co-founded in 2010 the Elastic Mind Project, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating poverty by means of educative programs aimed to help children in disenfranchised communities. Elastic Mind Project’s programs are focused on the arts, with photography as one of the main workshops; children receive disposable cameras and are taught the basics of photography as they explore their own environment and register their life in a medium often more powerful than what they are able to express with words.  Click the heart button at the bottom of any page to explore what the Elastic Mind Project has done!