Mike Butler – Architectural Photographer

Exterior Photography portfolio

Does your company need new Architectural Photography?

I have always been passionate about photography, especially architectural photography and my portfolio is filled with a variety of incredible photographs from some of the most beautiful buildings in Miami, as well as Colorado, Colombia & more.

My love for photography began at an early age and as I grew older, I started constantly exploring new cities and admiring the amazing architecture that they had to offer. To me, there is nothing more captivating than the grandeur and beauty of architectural structures like skyscrapers and mansions, so it made sense to me to capture them in photos!

Throughout my career, I have focused extensively on architectural photography. From shimmering beachfront high-rises to quaint coastal homes, Miami is full of stunning buildings that make incredible subjects for my work. With every photograph I take, I am able to capture not only the architectural details and beauty of these structures, but also the unique atmosphere and energy of this vibrant city.

Whether you are looking for exterior or interior architectural photographs for your own real estate agent or architectural firm’s portfolio, you need new marketing photography for your hospitality business or simply enjoy admiring amazing architectural feats, my portfolio is here to show you a taste of my photographic style!

If you like what you see, why not get in touch to discuss the photos and videography I can take for you?