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Mike Butler Architecture & Hospitality Photography - Shooting Platform
Here you can see the height advantage of the shooting platform provides for my clients.
During a drone shoot we were shooting and editing with HDD raid backup running off the onboard power.

I have always been a big believer that I rely on my skills not my equipment. Just a like a pro biker on a basic entry level bike will beat an amateur athlete riding a top of the line carbon fiber beast, the same is true for photography. Up to a point. After countless years of shoots I kept coming up with the same nagging thought, if I had a legitimate location vehicle I could really up my game. So with an idea in hand I went about researching, designing then building a custom location vehicle that would exactly fit my needs.

A view of the rooftop shooting platform and solar panels.

This location vehicle is completely self contained so I can be on location for weeks at a time, with the ability to make unlimited amounts of coffee! But in my mind the biggest asset the van brings is the custom made shooting platform atop the already high roof of the Sprinter, giving me at a moment’s notice the ability to get my camera up to about 20′ above the ground level. This ability alone is a game changer. That extra height can take almost any exterior and literally elevate it to the next level. When shooting in a congested area it allows me to work without disturbing traffic flow and allows me to forgo the requisite permit that happens once the tripod hits the ground. What else beside making unlimited amounts of coffee, can this van do? Well it has 200 watts of solar panels up top, providing indefinite power to run an onboard fridge and microwave as well as full digital assets and equipment recharging.

We can run 1000w DPS and all my strobe equipment. This is essentially a studio and house on wheels that takes me anywhere anytime.


  • 2015 Mercedes Sprinter High Top
  • 100watt x 2 Solar Panels
  • 650ah Battery
  • 15 Gallons On Board Water
  • On Board Gas for Stove
  • 12V Refridgerator / Freezer
  • Removable Toilet
  • 2 Burner Custom Gas Stove
  • Sink
  • Microwave
  • Queen Size Sleeping Platform
  • LED Lighting
  • 1500watt Inverter
Mike Butler Architecture & Hospitality Photography
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