Mike Butler – Architectural Photographer

Commercial Photography Portfolio

Do you need new commercial photography?

I am a highly skilled commercial photographer, with 30 years of experience creating eye-catching and engaging images for a wide range of clients and industries. My portfolio includes work from fashion shoots, product photography, and interiors, as well as portraits, landscapes, and travel photography.

Whether I’m working in the studio or on location, my goal is always to produce stunning images that really capture the essence of my client’s brand. I have a keen eye for light and texture, and am adept at using lighting techniques to make my subjects stand out. My work also features a sophisticated use of color and composition, ensuring every photo looks polished and professional.

With my extensive experience shooting in various settings and conditions, I am perfectly equipped to handle any challenge that comes my way. Whether you’re looking for high-quality product images or glamorous fashion photos, I am the right choice for your next project. So why wait? Contact me today to discuss your upcoming commercial photography needs!