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The Beauty of Florida

Florida from Miami to North Florida is full of beauty much of it discreet and waiting to be found by the keen observer. When I was approached by Merch Cloud to create a set of images to capture the essence of the beauty of S. Florida I was thrilled. I have lived here for the past 20 years so in a way this was going to be a challenge for me to revisit places which I had seen so many times the novelty had long worn away. This journey of rediscovering S. Florida has just begun so stay tuned for new and more thrilling work.

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The 5 Metrics of an Amazing Architectural Composition

How often do photographers get clients who call up and ask to just do a few shots? Quick and cheap. Often times photographers will feel the pressure to work and justify unreasonably fast shot times to get the assignment; set up the camera and a few lights if any and then onto our screens will magically pop a finished image. Even I fall into this trap in spite of the fact I am a lifelong learner and expert in this business. Yet over and over again I find that great shots take time, they take time and patience to find just that right angle and lighting approach. Try to rush them and you are sure to end up with sub-par results in line with the plethora of new “photographers” work out there. But how do you get to that perfect composition and why does it take time? I decided to put into writing a mostly fluid and intuitive process as best I could. These 5 metrics only skim the surface of the complexities of a great image but they are a great primer to building a great composition, to help you become a more informed client or better photographer!

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Behind the Polish

Portfolio websites are a facade of perfection showing only the successes of one’s career. They show the work after all the work sweat and sometimes tears are done. After any mistakes are polished out the work is hung in a digital “glass” box and preserved as if in a fountain of youth for artwork. But what happens when things don’t quite work out? I don’t mean some amateurish mistake. I the inevitable shoot when you did everything you could but the cards were stacked against you.

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Traveling by air with your camera gear.

All photographers know the feeling, sitting at baggage claim, counting the cases as they come around the carousel.  Watching with nervousness that all the required cases come out one by one.  It was back in 2008 when I was standing by just a carousel and as I watched as my Pelican 1600 camera case plopped down on the moving belt, and it hit me like a bolt of lightning! read more

Travel Stories Empty Planes

I learned something years ago while on my way to Portugal to catch a ship while on a connecting flight in Germany.  Always find your gate and sit there, don’t go roaming around…cuz things change and we being humans lose track of time!  So I put that bit of travel savvy information to use while in Atlanta en route to Rochester.  We were scheduled for a shoot in a small town the next day.  This was not an ordinary architectural shoot there were $15k worth of models showing up for a tight shoot schedule so we HAD to be there ON TIME!
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Earlier this year I was enlisted by Telemundo the worldwide Spanish language network to capture images of their new N. American HQ in Doral Florida.  We captured a set of stunning images which you can see below.  After I delivered those images my contact at Telemundo came back and asked if I could add in a Telemundo T logo in the front entrance.  Apparently, the real T was added after our shoot.  read more


It used to be as a photographer one could find a niche and focus on that small spot in the world then toil away for decades, hammering out his or her craft.  Well needless to say those days are coming to an end if not completely over.  Technology is making our jobs as image creators much easier and thus creating more opportunities to expand our creative vision beyond our comfort zones.  It allows us to do more with less, up to the point of doing it all ourselves without a crew or assistant. I had seen various “photographers”

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