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Month: January 2022

What is hospitality photography?

Hospitality photography means capturing the spirit of a hotel, restaurant, bar or other facility. The photos taken of a space can help to show off the history and ambiance of a space that can’t be conveyed in words. On top of that, the photos produced can be used as an

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Walking On The Dark Side

We have all photographed those bright spaces full of luxurious daylight poped a few strobes into a softbox or wall and come away with breathtaking shots.  For me there is nothing better to walk into a room like this on an assignment because I know the work has essentially been

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Success, What is it good for anyway?

What is success?  In 1994, before cell phones and before the adopted use of the internet, I graduated from art school, then like a hobo without a destination headed out into the world. I was full of energy and willpower.  In my mind, I would be successful, even if I had

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