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Drone Videography of Storm Damage

How Drone Videography Helps Document Hurricane and Storm Damage

With hurricane Ian bearing down on us here in Florida, I thought it might be worth talking about how drone videography and photography can help in the aftermath of a hurricane or tropical storm. One such purpose is documenting hurricane and storm damage. By using drone videography, officials can get

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Interior Design Photography

Interior Design Photography Pricing: How Much Should You Pay?

When it comes to interior design, photography is key. Capturing the right angles, the perfect light, and the most inspiring moments of your work can be what makes or breaks a project. So how much should you be paying for quality photography? Of course, interior design photography pricing will vary

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Modern Apartment Photography by Mike Butler

How To Get The Best Lighting For Your Interior Design Photography

Interior design photography is a unique and specialized type of photography that requires a different set of skills than traditional portrait or landscape photography. In order to take great interior design photos, you need to understand how to use light to your advantage and create an aesthetic that will appeal

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Residential Interior Miami

12 Tips for Fantastic Interior Design Photography

Interior design photography is all about capturing the beauty of a space in a photograph. Sound like a simple task? Well, it’s anything but! Our eyes see perspective differently than cameras, as well as the way we process details and colours in person as opposed to looking at an image,

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Stories of Shoots Gone Wrong 1

Blog Post: We all read those glowing stories about amazing shoots where the photographer waxes lyrical about his or her accompaniments.  This is in fact one side of photography, the side we all hope to be on.  Yet there is another side of things when for one reason or another

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Walking On The Dark Side

We have all photographed those bright spaces full of luxurious daylight poped a few strobes into a softbox or wall and come away with breathtaking shots.  For me there is nothing better to walk into a room like this on an assignment because I know the work has essentially been

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Success, What is it good for anyway?

What is success?  In 1994, before cell phones and before the adopted use of the internet, I graduated from art school, then like a hobo without a destination headed out into the world. I was full of energy and willpower.  In my mind, I would be successful, even if I had

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Two toddlers Two Parents One Van, Thirty Days

How we learned the art of small living while exploring the country. Our Sprinter van is parked for the night at the Arapaho National Forest in Colorado at 13,000 feet, overlooking a pristine lake lined with snow-capped mountains, so close you can hike to the snow line in a few

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