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Drone Photography by Mike butler

Drone Photography – The Rundown

Drones are becoming more and more popular in the world, especially for drone photography. The cameras on drones are getting better and better, and the results can be stunning. Photographers are finding new and innovative ways to use drones to capture images that wouldn’t be possible any other way. Drones

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Interior Design Photography

Interior Design Photography Pricing: How Much Should You Pay?

When it comes to interior design, photography is key. Capturing the right angles, the perfect light, and the most inspiring moments of your work can be what makes or breaks a project. So how much should you be paying for quality photography? Of course, interior design photography pricing will vary

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How much does hotel photography cost?

Good hotel photography is an essential element of any successful marketing campaign. In today’s digital age, potential guests are more likely to book a hotel based on the quality of its online images than any other factor. As a result, it’s important to invest in professional photography services to make

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Mike Butler’s 10 tips for great Architectural Photography

It’s not always easy to take great architectural photos. The buildings are often huge and imposing, and the light can be tricky to work with. But with a bit of practice and some knowledge of the basics, you can start taking stunning architectural photos that will impress your friends and

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Hotel Photography

Capturing Buildings with new Eyes

Architectural photography assignments are a bit like presents, each holds unknown surprises until opened. They come with challenges and perks, and with some skill and good luck, can result in amazing images, diamonds on the top of the proverbial assignment cake.  It is these “diamonds” that I as an image

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Edition Hotel - NBWW Architects - Commercial Photography by Mike Butler

Why Great Photography Is So Important For Your Marketing

We all know that good photography is essential for any effective marketing campaign. Photos that are well-composed and properly edited can help to convey your message to potential customers in a way that words alone cannot. But what many business owners don’t realize is that good photography can also help

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Modern Apartment Photography by Mike Butler

How To Get The Best Lighting For Your Interior Design Photography

Interior design photography is a unique and specialized type of photography that requires a different set of skills than traditional portrait or landscape photography. In order to take great interior design photos, you need to understand how to use light to your advantage and create an aesthetic that will appeal

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Residential Interior Miami

12 Tips for Fantastic Interior Design Photography

Interior design photography is all about capturing the beauty of a space in a photograph. Sound like a simple task? Well, it’s anything but! Our eyes see perspective differently than cameras, as well as the way we process details and colours in person as opposed to looking at an image,

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