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Resort Photography – What is it, and why is it so important?

So you’ve built the resort of dreams. It has everything – great food, spectacular views and a gorgeous spa. You can’t wait to share it with the world and get people booking!

So how do you start? By showing the world exactly what you have to offer through amazing photography and videography. Today’s world is so visual that you’re doing your business – and your possible bookers – a disservice by not putting out the best visuals you can!

Resort photography captures the feeling and atmosphere of a resort, as well as the physical features that make it unique. It’s important to have professional resort photos taken regularly, so that potential guests can see what the resort has to offer. resort photography can also be used to market the resort to potential guests, and to convince them to book a stay.

Resort photography is not only about taking pretty pictures. It’s about capturing the essence of the resort and conveying what makes it special. A good resort photographer will be able to do this in a way that words alone cannot. Resort photography can tell stories and convey emotions that are difficult to describe with words. Yes, the old cliche works here rather well – how can you possibly describe a fantastic view from your beautiful, raise swimming pool without taking 1000 words? Use a photo instead!

A resort’s photos should make people want to visit, and should convince them that it’s worth their time and money. Resort photography can be the deciding factor between a resort that books up quickly, and one that doesn’t. In today’s competitive market, everyone is doing their best to keep up with TikTok and Insta and to even get a look-in on these platforms from possible bookers, you need to have images that stand out!

Resort Photography by Mike Butler

So, What Exactly Is Resort Photography?

Resort photography is the process of photographing resorts, whether they’re hotels, spas or anything in between. This includes photographing the resort itself, the grounds, nearby surroundings, the staff and the guests.

It is similar to hospitality photography, but while hospitality photography usually focuses much more on the products, such as food and drink, and team members who provide a sense of hospitality, resort photography is much more about the place itself and the feeling and emotions it provides. A yoga retreat would have a very different feel (and visual style!) than a luxury penthouse suite in the middle of Miami central!

One of the most important things that resort photography can do is capture memories. When people look back at their vacation, they will be able to see their resort in all its glory. This can be a great way to relive the memories of their vacation.

In addition, resort photography can tell stories. Some resorts are more than just places to stay – they are destinations in and of themselves. Great photos and video can help capture the essence of these places and bring them to life.

Finally, resort photography can help maintain the legacy of resort destinations. Just as with architectural photography, truly great resorts should be photographed for documentation purposes. Buildings get torn down and re-built often enough that keeping a record of fantastic resorts is one of the best ways we can honour the work that’s gone into building them!

Cruise Ship Resort Photography

The importance of resort photos in today’s competitive market

Resort photography is essential in order to capture the unique beauty and allure of a resort and in today’s a competitive market, it is important to have stunning visuals that set your resort apart from the rest.

When done well, resort photography can transport guests back to their magical vacation experience time and time again. It can also help to promote a resort online, generating more interest and bookings from potential guests. By hiring a professional photographer, you can be sure that your resort’s photos will be stunning and truly representative of all that your resort has to offer. While you may not feel there’s much of a return on investment – that couldn’t be more wrong!

As social media platforms continue to grow in popularity, resort photography has become increasingly important in order to reach a wider audience and showcase a resort’s charms to potential guests. Instagram and TikTok are two such platforms that offer a great opportunity for resort photographers to share their work with a global audience.

Instagram is a visual platform that is perfect for showcasing beautiful resort photos. With over 500 million active users, Instagram offers a huge potential market for resorts looking to promote their businesses. By using hashtags and geotags, you can reach a wider audience and attract more people to your account.

TikTok is a newer social media platform that is quickly gaining in popularity. With over 500 million active users, it is ideal for resorts to share short videos. While TikTok offers a great way to reach a younger audience and promote your resort to a new demographic, it is also ageing up, as with every social media platform!

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for ways to improve your resort’s marketing strategy, resort photography is a great place to start!

Hotel Resort Photography

How to tell if a photographer can take great resort photos

When choosing a resort photographer, it is important to consider their experience and style. Resort photography is about capturing the essence of the resort – the beauty, the majesty and the magic and you want to make sure the photographer can do it justice!

A good resort photographer will know how to capture all of these elements and more. They will have an understanding of light, colour and composition and be able to create stunning images that will make your guests want to return time and time again.

If you are looking for a resort photographer, be sure to ask to see their portfolio. This will give you a good indication of their style and the type of images they are capable of creating. If you like what you see, then you can be confident that they will be able to capture the beauty of your resort in all its glory.

When it comes to resort photography, experience is key. You want to make sure the photographer you choose has plenty of experience in capturing the unique atmosphere of a resort. Ask to see examples of their work and find out how long they have been photographing resorts. The more experience they have, the better equipped they will be to capture the perfect image of your resort.

Finally, if they’re open to it, definitely have a chat with them about your marketing needs for your photos. Will they be used for all marketing purposes, or just online? Will you be targeting a specific demographic or general audiences? Talking to a possible photographer about these things will give you a very good idea on if you’re both on the same page with the photos, and will also give you a clue on whether they are the best person to take this work on!

If you want to attract more resort guests and sell your resort, resort photography is essential. By hiring a professional photographer that can capture the essence of what makes your resort so special, you’ll be sure to make it memorable for all who come across your marketing and bring back memories for people who have visited in the past (and are maybe looking for a place to book again!). Whether on Instagram or TikTok, I have plenty of experience creating captivating images that inspire people’s imagination – contact me today if this is something you’re looking for in your own resort business!

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