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Top Architectural and Interiors Photographer, Mike Butler, to be Featured on Office Spaces™, Airing on Lifetime® Television

Butler is the preeminent architectural photographer in South Florida, and his role on this show further solidifies this fact.The episode features some behind-the-scenes footage of Butler and his crew photographing the finished BrandStar offices, including a walkthrough with host and Interior Designer, Kayln Rothaus, an interview with the CEO and actual on-location shooting.

The final images Butler shot will also be included in the episode.

When asked about his participation, Butler said, “I have been pushing the photographic medium of architecture and interior photography for over 20 years, and opportunities like this with BrandStar, to bring a behind-the-scenes look to a larger audience, really make it all worthwhile!”

Airing on Fox Business and Lifetime, this is a wonderful opportunity to show a larger audience exactly what goes on behind the scenes of a technically sophisticated interior shoot.

About Mike Butler, Inc.

Mike Butler, owner and photographer at Mike Butler, Inc. has committed his entire life to the pursuit of the photographic image

Picking up his first camera in 1990 while living in Bangkok, Thailand, he quickly transited out of black and white and into the world of high production shoots.

Since then, he has been creating epic shots for himself and his clients alike, always looking around the next corner to see how much further he can push the medium.

He is best known for extremely large and technically complex still image productions such as the Virgillo Barco Library production in Bogota, Colombia. For examples of his work and more information, visit www.mike-butler.com

About Office Spaces™

Office Spaces is a makeover-type design series that helps business owners maximize any office space ergonomically, efficiently and innovatively. Each episode follows a solutions-oriented story that reveals the step-by-step transformation, as well as the brands, products and services involved. For more information and to watch an episode, visit www.officespaces.tv.

Need My Photography Skills?

I have decades of experience in photography and have been hired all over the world for a range of drone, hospitality, architectural and resort photography. If you want to give your marketing a new, fresh and eye-catching look, get in touch with me and let’s start working together!

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