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Success in any photographic project depends on many factors, not only the quality of the building to be photographed, or the multiple technical and aesthetic aspects to handle but most importantly client involvement along with developing a relationship towards the actual project to be photographed

In this regard, I had the great opportunity to get involved with RTKL photographing a wide variety of hospitality and retail projects for over the past 4 years. RTKL is one of the most prestigious worldwide American architecture and interior design firm, that is been engineering and designing high-end / award-winning architectural projects for more than half of a century. Currently, RTKL is leading the initiatives on environmental and LEED certified buildings around the globe.

After working with RTKL for several years, shooting the newly designed and built headquarters in Coral Gables came very natural to me. For this space we decided to try a unique approach to my technically complex lighting scenarios and acquiesce to a fresh and innovative outlook. I went for a very natural and clean look, using only daylight, with hits of lighting only when totally necessary as well as including some of the designers in the actual composition.

This new aesthetic approach allows me to captivate the essence of the building itself: an urban naked loft, carefully crafted with contemporary lighting and vibrant hints of color.

The contrast between the lofts ample spaces and raw concrete nature against the warm wood panels and color accents on the walls, rugs and fabrics make for a working space that feels inviting and warm but at the same time preserves his dynamic and creative working nature. The final pictures achieve to reflect the connection between spaces and how they flow seamlessly through the entire building.

Including people in the shoot proved to be a great way to emphasize the firm’s genuine character and its correlation with the treatment of interior spaces, huge glass windows are used as dividers as the main working stations are inundated with bright natural light that we successfully captivate on most of the shoots.

Need My Photography Skills?

I have decades of experience in photography and have been hired all over the world for a range of drone, hospitality, architectural and resort photography. If you want to give your marketing a new, fresh and eye-catching look, get in touch with me and let’s start working together!

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